Quip for Product Development

Quip drives your product teams from concept to launch – brainstorm ideas, define requirements, and track projects through to completion. Align your development team and ship real value to your customers faster.

Turn feedback into customer love

Want to connect your engineers to your customer feedback? Document and share customer feedback with your team in Quip. Use @mentions to call a teammate’s attention to a key insight, discuss feedback as a group, and link interviews to requirements to provide background so everyone is on the same page.

Record customer interviews in Quip

Define your plan of attack

The best requirements are created collaboratively. Quip enables product managers and engineers to get on the same page to brainstorm, share, and define the plans for the next release. Attach sketches, define user stories, manage feedback, and get consensus quickly in one central place.

Define product requirements in Quip

Prioritize & track your teamwork

Quip documents are a simple way to track work efficiently as a team without the burden of cumbersome project management tools. Create checklists, assign owners with @mentions, and use comments and chat to make real-time decisions. Give your team a single-source of truth document to follow the plot of your next big launch.

Track project deliverables in Quip

Grow your team’s brain

Document and share coding best practices with your team. Display code in Quip documents and share everything from trouble-shooting articles, instructions, tips, and more. Your teammates can ask questions through comments and easily update docs that need freshening. Save your team from constant interruptions and bottlenecks that slow everyone down.

Share technical documentation in Quip

Prepare for blast off

You've planned, built, and QA'd – now it's time to implement. Coordinate cross-functional teams from a single checklist where you can track deliverables through to completion. Get engineers, DevOps, and marketing on the same page and watch your release go to market.

Create release checklists in Quip

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How the Quip Product Team uses Quip

Our product and engineering teams love Quip because it keeps the team organized, aligned, and connected. Here’s a few examples of documents and spreadsheets our engineering team uses often.

Quip's speed and ease of use really matches our workflow, so we're able to create our products faster.
Brandon Leonardo

Co-founder of Instacart

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